Random drawing to name twp supervisor

ROGERS CITY — The next Allis Township supervisor in Presque Isle County will be chosen via a random drawing.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Republican Bob Anderson and Democrat Rich Nash ran for Allis Township supervisor and tied with 157 votes in Tuesday’s election.

State law says that, to break a tie, winners will be determined by drawing of lots or a similar random method. That is the tie-breaking protocol for 27 states.

This is the second time a tie has happened in Presque Isle County. During the 2016 presidential election, there was a tie for a Posen Township trustee position between Darrin Darga and Kathleen Kieliszewski, who each earned 168 votes. Each candidate drew from a hat and Darga earned his seat by pulling the “winner”.

Once the county board of canvassers certifies the election results and a tie remains, the winner for Allis Township supervisor will determined by pulling slips of paper from a hat.

Anderson said he has no problem breaking the tie that way.

“I think it went great,” he said. “And this is a fair way to settle it.”

He also said he was happy with the overwhelming voter turnout and was happy for such support, especially since he didn’t put out one political sign for his campaign.

Nash said he was surprised that there was a tie, considering that the campaign had started in June.

“It is unprecedented,” Nash said of the tie. “There have been no ties in Allis Township, as far I can remember.”

Michigan Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams said in an email to The News that, after the numbers are certified, the candidates will pull a “win” or “lose” slip out of a hat.

Anne Marie Main, Presque Isle County clerk, said they will finish up with the board of canvassars and have the tiebreaker scheduled for noon on Nov. 14.

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