Hillman appoints Bruce Brown to fill village council vacancy

News Photo by Julie Goldberg Bruce Brown, left, was on Tuesday appointed to the Hillman Village Council to fill an open seat.

News Staff Writer

HILLMAN — The Hillman Village Council appointed Bruce Brown to the council to fill an open seat.

Brown was appointed after Natasha Achatz resigned last month. Village President Myron McIntire said Achatz did not give a reason as to why she resigned.

Brown, who has lived in Hillman since the 1970s, said he joined the council after McIntire approached him about the open seat.

“I said yes because I’m retired, I have free time, and I figured I could help,” Brown said.

Brown worked at a Veteran’s Administration Clinic in Alpena before retiring. He knows the other members of the council and hopes to continue growing those relationships.

“I went to school at Alpena Community College from 2008 to 2010 and I worked for the village part-time while I was going to school, so I know them,” he said.

McIntire said Brown has been a member of the community for a number of years, which is why he approached him about the open seat. McIntire said Brown will provide lots of knowledge to the council and the community.

“He’s still a fairly young man,” McIntire said.

McIntire said younger members of the community don’t want to be a part of the council, which is why the council is filled with members who are retired and older.

“Younger members don’t want to do it anymore,” McIntire said. “You either have to be retired or on total disability before you even want to spend time with community services.”

McIntire said an older council is not just a problem in Hillman, but a problem everywhere.

“The younger generation is too involved with themselves and their families,” he said.

Brown said he plans on being a member of the council as long as he can.

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