Hein pleads no contest

Plea deal part of ‘greater strategy’ in 2016 case

ALPENA — A local man has pleaded no contest to felonious assault in a case stemming from an incident at a series of parties in Alpena in July 2016.

Thompson Hein was charged with sexual misconduct after an alleged incident at one of the parties. He was originally charged with indecent exposure as well as criminal sexual conduct in the third and fourth degree.

Hein originally pleaded not guilty to the charges, but recently struck a deal with the prosecution.

Alpena County Prosecutor Ed Black explained how, and why, a deal was made with Hein.

“We did this with consultation from the victim, and it is based on a greater strategy,” Black said. “That is why we made him this offer.”

While no contest is not considered a guilty plea, it is treated as such in court, so Hein will not receive a jury trial. He is scheduled for sentencing on Sept. 14. He is currently free on bond.

In addition to the charges against Hein, his acquaintance, Nick Skaluba, was also accused of sexual misconduct from multiple incidents including the one relating to Hein in July 2016.

Skaluba is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of delivery of a controlled substance with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct.

Skaluba’s request to have the case dismissed is still being considered by the Michigan Court of Appeals. He is currently free on bond.

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