RC council OKs trees to be installed at basketball courts

ROGERS CITY — To help drown out the sound at the Lakeside Park basketball parks the City of Rogers City Council approved planting trees.

The issue was discussed at a workshop Monday because of previous council discussions about the loud noise produced on the courts.

“We talked to Netta’s and they said $40 a tree,” City Manager Joe Hefele said. “They have to order them. They will be three feet tall and grow up to eight or nine feet tall and up to three feet around. Based on 30 feet to reach around from the front to around the corner (of the courts), four feet apart you need 30 of them.”

He said if the city tries to create a complete privacy fence it would be about $1,200.

Mayor Scott McLennan offered an alternative.

“What you’re going to do if you put all of those in — this is why I’m opposed to putting 30 in — is that it’s going to be solid cedar to slightly around the corner,” he said. “You’re not going to be able to see a thing. My thought about it, is install 15 trees. With this amount, the way sound dynamics work, is that you will still have some of the absorption of sound,.”

He said 15 trees is still a solid effort.

Mayor Pro Tem Ken Bielas agreed.

“I know we like to see what’s going on as well. I like the idea of the 15 trees,” he said.

Hefele said these landscaping efforts will be done in conjunction with new backboards and rims. He said the city also put the small hoop back up for smaller children to enjoy.

“I think these are good steps,” McLennan said.

Hefele said there are far worse activities for kids to partake in other than exercising and playing basketball.

“We want them to use it. We don’t want to take steps for the courts to be empty,” Hefele said.

In other business, the council decided to put a new parking ordinance on the agenda for the next city council meeting.

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