Posen students display their talents

News Photo by Jordan Spence Mary Misiak leads the Posen High School Choir in the closing number of the Posen’s Got Talent show Thursday.

ALPENA — Posen Consolidated Schools traveled back in time during the Posen’s Got Talent show Thursday.

The show featured 1960s and 1970s music from the high school choir and nine solo dance and song performances.

“This is the second year for the talent show and the second year for Posen’s high school choir. I have been teaching English and yearbook/journalism at Posen for 15 years, and two years ago (Principal) Michelle Wesner requested that I start a choir class,” teacher Mary Misiak said.

She taught music appreciation for two years before this as an elective and this is the first time Posen has ever had a choir she said.

“I started a talent show because there were students who were unable to be in choir due to schedule conflicts and there were students who played instruments who I felt needed to be showcased,” she said.

Dylan Ennest,16, is in the choir and accompanied the choir with guitar during a couple of its songs. He’s played the guitar for three years.

“What I like about playing is it’s an outlet for creativity. It’s fun obviously,” he said.

He doesn’t have a specific type of music he likes to play, but rock is high on the list.

“(Choir’s) fun. It’s good to see something come together like this,” he said.

Lillie Rocco sang “Lost Boy” by Ruth B.

“I’ve been singing my entire life because I find it amusing,” she said.

She chose “Lost Boy” because last year she chose a song that was too high pitched for her voice.

“I sung a song I knew I could hit the notes and I thought sounded really good,” Rocco said.

Because singing is one of her hobbies, she hopes to continue as she gets older.

Misiak said the kids enjoy the show because it gives them an activity they can excel at besides sports and academics.

“Stage presence gives students confidence to achieve their goals not only in school but in future careers. Not all students excel in sports, and this gives students another avenue to perfect their skills,” Misiak said.

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