Local group to host March for our Lives

ALPENA — People for Social Justice in Alpena will be hosting a March for Our Lives walk and join many other communities around the country that will be doing the same.

The walk’s intent is to show support for victims of school shootings, as well as call for stricter gun laws.

The march is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Saturday behind Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Heritage Center and conclude at Culligan Plaza where there will be some speakers.

According to event organizer Christina Getachew, People for Social Justice is helping to pull the event together for some students in Alpena. She said it is meant to show support for children and let elected officials know more needs to be done to protect them.

“The event gives the people in Alpena a chance to support this movement and call for sensible gun legislation,” Getachew said. “It is about using our First Amendment, hold a sign and be part of a discussion, because we need to talk about this.”

Once at Culligan Plaza, Getachew said there will be several students who have requested to speak, as well as Jim Shaffer, a retired teacher from Alpena. She said people also will be able to register to vote at the event, which is open to everyone.

“It is just a good family friendly event to show support for our kids and participating on something that is happening around the country,” she said. “This type of thing is what democracy looks like and we are showing our kids how it is done.”

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