APS to have city collect its summer taxes

ALPENA — The Alpena Public Schools Board of Education approved the 2018 summer tax collection in the City of Alpena. Assistant Superintendent of Operations Diane Block said the finance committee met last week and recommended the agreement.

“Last fall, the board adopted a resolution to request summer tax proposals and in that resolution, we said we would bring that back,” Block said. “We have had a couple of sessions of discussions with the city and did a little bit of comprising on both sides with the idea that they are going to look further into this before we do this for the 2019 levy.”

The city treasurer will collect the district’s summer property tax levy of 100 percent of school property taxes, including debt service. The district will pay the treasurer in return for collection services the sum of $1.66 per parcel within 30 days following receipt of an invoice from the city.

“If we have the same number of parcels as we did for the 2017 levy, that would be roughly $9,600,” Block said.

If the treasurer incurs additional, reasonable expenses that are unforeseen and expenses incurred due to the collection of the district’s taxes, the district will reimburse the treasurer for expenses as invoiced no later than 30 days following its receipt of a billing from treasurer accompanied by documentation supporting the necessity and amount thereof.

The schedule of collection will be on the 15th and the 30th of the each month, and not to include any interest that may accrue from the date of collection to the date of disbursement.

For all delinquent or real property, tax collections are turned over to the county each March 1, the city will continue to pursue collection of the personal taxes. Annually on June 30 the City will disburse all delinquent personal property tax revenue collected.

After five years, uncollectible taxes will be removed from the collection roll per state statute. The treasurer will retain all collection fees collected upon delinquent taxes. All interest collected upon delinquent taxes will be distributed to APS.

In other business:

∫ the board approved Aug. 28 as the first day of school for the 2018-19 school year.

∫ the board approved Greenway for waste removal on a three-year contract through July 2021.

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