County OKs crime victims support event

ROGERS CITY — The Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners approved an event to support crime victims during its meeting Friday.

County Victims Advocate Samantha Amrhein presented to the board at its meeting. She asked the board for the permission to have the event take place at from 1-6 p.m. on the courthouse lawn April 11.

“This event has been established (in Michigan) in 1980,” she said. “Our county has not been included in this event. Our goal is to incorporate this event in our county this year. So what this would entail, I’m asking for your approval for a small section of the courthouse lawn a community education and awareness event for all victims and all unrecognized victims and support.”

This year’s theme is “Expand the Circle” and reach all victims.

“One privilege I have, I have the opportunity and honor of working with all victims as is, victims of CSC, victims of domestic violence, retail fraud,” she said.

During the event there will be planned speakers and people can make T-shirts with quotes, their stories, etc., and the T-shirts will be displayed.

“It’s to help put that strength and power back into that victim’s voice instead of being mute, to show that they are supported and believed by people,” she said.

She said the first goal is to include Presque Isle County in the week. Her second goal is to put the strength back in victims’ voices and the final step is to stop violence.

She said the materials for the event will be paid for by the state attorney general’s office and she just needed permission to host the event on the courthouse lawn. The commissioners unanimously agreed to support the event.

“We’ve recognized it but we’ve never quite had a group portray it quite like this,” Commissioner Michael Darga said.

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