SnoDrift Rally returns to Montmorency

ATLANTA — For the 26th year, the SnoDrift Rally returns to Montmorency County, bringing with it more than 30 teams and 3,000 spectators to northern Michigan.

The two-day event takes place in Lewiston and Atlanta, part of Rally America, and runs Saturday and Sunday.

Competitors race one car at a time against the clock, usually at one minute intervals. Competition also is done on limited access roads, blocked off from civilian traffic rather than on prepared tracks.

Alex Berger, public relations and media officer for the rally, said the event starts Wednesday morning with testing.

“It’s closed to the public, but teams are able to start testing their cars,” Berger said. “On Thursday, the cars are again out on the roads where they can take notes, get a preview of what the roads will be like, and go through a check inspection to make sure their cars are legal.”

On Friday in downtown Lewiston, there will be a car show where people can check out the cars from 12-5 p.m. At around 4 p.m. on Friday, the first stage of the event will take place and run until around 10 p.m.

In downtown Atlanta on Saturday there will be another car show from 6:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. The stages begin at 8:30 a.m. and go until around 7 p.m.

“At Atlanta Community Schools on County Road 489 on Saturday there will be a pit stop on steroids where people can fix anything with their cars like brakes, tires or the engines,” Berger said.

Also on Saturday at the Lewiston Sand & Gravel is the SnoDrift Rally Super Special. The first running will be at 1:30 p.m. and the second running will begin at 2:30 p.m. There is a $10 per vehicle parking fee and admission is free.

“It’s a neat experience,” Berger said. “There will be a warming tent and a food concession stand available for spectators. It’s one of my favorites of the event because of the concept that the cars are racing on snow and ice and the fact that the cars slide with precision is amazing.”

Berger said there will be 32 teams racing during the two-day event. He also said the rally is unique because the cars are racing on snow and ice.

“The fact that the cars slide with precision on the snow and ice is amazing,” he said.

Berger said the event wouldn’t be possible without the support of Montmorency County.

“We have a great relationship with the county because this is our 26th rally in Montmorency County,” Berger said. “We couldn’t do this event without the Montmorency County Road Commission, the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department, and the school districts. We also want to thank the residents who open their doors and homes for us.”

There is a spectator guide available online where information can be found about the races. For more information about the event or area lodging, visit the race website at

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