PI County to buy new election equipment

ROGERS CITY — Presque Isle County will have new election equipment soon.

“As I’ve been talking about the last year the state has made us buy new election equipment and this is county wide. In order for me to proceed into the grant contract with the State Bureau of Elections I need to have a resolution by the board OKing me to do so,” Clerk Anne Marie Main said.

The board approved the resolutions with a unanimous vote at its meeting Wednesday.

“As far as costs, the amount budgeted for is $1,800 for a new computer. The equipment itself, the local units we’ll be using is paid for by funds by the state. So there’s no cost there. Down the road in year six or 10 the townships will have to pay,” she said.

The board also passed a resolution to borrow and a resolution of agency.

“It’s pretty standard. Usually every January we pass both the resolution to borrow and the resolution of agency, Treasurer Bridget LaLonde said. “These are annual resolutions that allow the treasurer to bond out for delinquent taxes. Typically we insert a not to exceed number. Generally we’ve always put $2 million. The last several years we’ve run about $1.6 million.”

The quicker she can pay off previous bonds allows more time to put money down, she said. LaLonde wanted to put the cap at $2 million because once the limit is set it can’t be changed again.

“I feel better setting it at a high amount. The other document is the agency of resolution. Which allows the treasure office’s to recoup an administrative fee,” she said.

The money from this is deposited into the treasurer’s administration fund and they collect 3/64ths of that. The money can be used for office improvements, conferences and things of that nature, she said.

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