Hillman council hears about mill renovation needs

HILLMAN — The Hillman Village Council talked with Jim Dunn, director of operations at Brush Creek Mill, about the floors at the mill during Tuesday’s council meeting.

John Burr of the Department of Public Works attended Tuesday’s meeting and told the council that the floor by the front door has grayed due to salt and snow from the shoes coming in the building.

“The main part that’s really bad is the front entryway,” Burr said. “It could be separated and could be redone and sanded.”

The council asked Dunn whether completing the project now or in the summer would be better. Dunn said it would be better to complete the project now since the summer is busy with events.

“Through the winter we can shut the building down because we don’t have events going on,” Dunn said. “That’s why I came to the board with this in December because January is the ideal time to do this.”

The mill’s event committee has been on hold waiting for the council’s decision about the flooring.

Burr said sanding and fixing the front entryway flooring would take one day of sanding and putting the product on the floor. He said it would be about three or four days before foot traffic could go on the floor. He also volunteered his time to complete the floors.

“The product and sander will be from Northern Tool Rental and you’re probably looking at $300 for the tool rental,” Burr said. “I don’t have a clue on what we would pay for the gallon pails.”

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