Montmorency board approves DHHS funding

ATLANTA — The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners dicussed with John Keller of the Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday the board deciding to cut the social welfare fund from the county’s 2018 budget.

Chairman Daryl Peterson spoke with Keller after last week’s meeting and told Keller to attend the meeting so he can talk with the board about cutting the social welfare fund.

The board decided to cut $4,300 from the social welfare fund during its budget meeting in November.

Commissioner Stacy Carroll said she doesn’t like that the board is paying the membership fees for other organizations and thinks that it should come from within its own budget.

“I also don’t like paying the educational licenses for people because that is something they can take with them forever,” Carroll said. “My concern is that I understand that we need to be a part of the organization because they are advocates, lobbyists, they do a lot, but again it should come within their budget and have something in the budget for that. I’m not comfortable as a county in charge of the taxpayers and constituents saying that we’re going to pay it.”

Carroll told Keller and the other commissioners that DHHS does phenomenal work and she believes in the work it does, she just has an issue with paying the extra membership fees.

“They’ve been really conservative with the money in prior years so I suggest we budget $4,000,” Peterson said. “They’ve been really good too at watching things and they’re not going to spend it unwisely.”

The board approved the $4,000 for the social welfare fund unanimously.

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