AMA ESD board passes resolution in support of literacy

ALPENA — The Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational School District Board of Education passed a resolution on Thursday in support of participating in the Literacy Essentials Collaboration.

Superintendent Scott Reynolds said during his report that literacy achievement is important for every child and Intermediate School Districts across the state are asked to demonstrate their “all in” commitment to support literacy.

Collective commitments from the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) and the General Education Leadership Network include communication of Literacy Essentials and professional learning of all educators.

All educators will receive a copy of the Essentials, promote use of modules for professional learning, regularly include Literacy Essentials on agendas, have a common agenda and message for all levels, have coaching and data topics included on agendas, receive support (both politically and with a financial match) and continued expansion of statewide coaching and Tier I professional development, and support expansion of classroom libraries.

“Literacy is fundamentally at the basis and an essential need for all citizens in this state and in this country,” Reynolds said. “This is an opportunity for us to stand with a singular voice with other leaders across the state to say we recognize it and we need to do more about what we’re going to do to be more to help support it.”

In the resolution, it says that the ESD along with the MAISA and education leaders throughout Michigan understand the importance of developing talent that is career ready and college capable.

Reynolds said that children should enter kindergarten ready for learning so that they can be reading at the right grade level.

“More importantly, they should be ready for learning so they can go on to be successful and lead productive lives,” he said.

The ESD will adopt the goal of realizing a minimum of 80 percent of third-graders are reading proficiently at that grade level and systemically implementing intervention strategies for the 20 percent who, due to normal developmental differences, take a little longer.

“The superintendent and leadership the state in education have really had a wake-up of all sorts to be reminded about the state of literacy in Michigan,” Reynolds said. “We need to be intentional. We need to keep it at the forefront of everything that we do.”

The resolution states that the ESD will collaborate to promote the sharing of a successful, research-based literacy instruction by implementing the Literacy Essentials practices and that all children in Michigan deserve educational opportunities that will allow them to compete on a national and international basis.

The adoption of the resolution means that the ESD board fully supports the goal of the MAISA in collaborating with the work of the Literacy Essentials Collaborative for the support of students in the district and across the state.

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