Alcona Community Schools looks at use of 110 acres

ALCONA — Alcona Community Schools owns 110 acres of land, and in the coming months will have the land surveyed.

Superintendent Dan O’Connor told the school board Monday that surveying the land, a piece on Stockton Road and another in Caledonia Township, will be assessed to determine what the best use is and if it might also generate revenue for the school through foresting opportunities.

“The board has authorized to explore the forest manager plan for two pieces of property,” he said. “One is 10 or 15 minutes away from the school and we want to best utilize the properties to capitalize on education for the students that will coincide with their agriscience classes.”

The properties have been owned by the school for many years, O’Connor said. Introducing this into the schools is a way for students to get hands-on learning about agriculture and general outdoor use.

“It will take some time,” he said. “We are in the infant stages of this process right now. There is a potential for students to manage the pieces of property and harvest some of the lumber based on the recommendations of the forester and determine how to proceed.”

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