Tree stops car from going in river

On Dec. 18, officers of the Alpena Police Department were dispatched to a vehicle that lost control and ended up driving down the embankment behind Jimmie Garant’s Party Store. Officers arrived on scene to find the gray Chevrolet had driven down the embankment and was prevented from going down the Thunder Bay River by a large willow tree. During the course of investigation, it was discovered that a second vehicle, a blue Dodge pickup, also was involved.

The investigation found the blue Dodge pickup pulled onto Chisholm Street from the Thunder Bay Restaurant. The gray Chevy was on Chisholm Street and the driver hit the brakes. The Chevy blew a brake line causing the driver to not be able to stop.

The driver of the Chevy took evasive action to avoid the pickup. The car drove down the sidewalk and then turned right into the parking lot of Jimmie Garant’s Party Store. The Chevy proceeded through the parking lot and then through the snow bank and then down the hill until it was stopped by the willow tree.

No injuries in the accident and no citations have been issued.