Road commission approves survey, project design

ALPENA — The Alpena County Road Commission approved a proposal on Tuesday from Huron Engineering and Surveying, Inc. to perform a survey and design of a project on Bloom Road.

Huron Engineering provided the proposal for the requested work with the estimated cost for the work being between $9,000 to $10,000 with fees not to exceed $11,000. The company also will complete the project at their standard hourly rates.

The proposal is in anticipation for future reconstruction of a segment of Bloom Road in Alpena. The project is approximately 0.8 miles long.

Topographic information will be obtained to 500 feet east of Samp Road and will extend right-of-way to right-of-way, including driveways and all other encroachments affecting design.

Huron Engineering wrote in a letter to the commission that it will prepare plans and specifications for this project in accordance with the road commission and Michigan Department of Transportation specifications. Plan sheets and design quantities will be prepared utilizing CAD road design software and the plan sheets will include existing ditch profiles, ditch culvert elevations, and existing topography identification. Associated permit forms will be prepared for the road commission.

It also was stated in the letter that Huron Engineering will provide an electronic file in a format compatible for use in GPS construction.

The road commission wants to get the survey completed before winter comes. The memorandum Managing Director Larry Orcutt wrote for the commissioners stated that even if the project is not included in the final 2018 budget, this project is also listed as a candidate for future funding sources that would benefit from the design being complete.

Orcutt recommended to the road commission that it approve the proposal of Huron Engineering and Surveying, Inc. for the Bloom Road design. The commission approved the proposal unanimously.

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