Presentation at sanctuary for two shipwrecks

ALPENA — A spectrum of history and science will be discussed at a National Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary presentation Thursday. The presentation will be about how two shipwrecks were found in Lake Huron.

Sanctuary Media Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Gandulla said doors to the event will open at 6 p.m. the event starts at 6:30 in the theater of the Maritime Heritage Center in Alpena.

“It’s going to be an in-depth talk that includes the project we did this summer, all the different phases, and the history of how we’ve been looking for the vessels in the area,” maritime archeologist John Bright said.

The two shipwrecks, the Choctaw and the Ohio, were discovered in May slightly north of Presque Isle. The project was executed in a few different phases and used many different technologies.

“It’s really that process of continued research and how year to year we build on the efforts of the previous year,” Bright said.

The history of each vessel, their style and how they sank also will be discussed, he said.

“It covers an array of topics. Anyone interested in technology, maritime history, what life is like on the research vessels and the day-to-day activities of everything — we’ll go through it all,” he said.

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