Play members tell ACC board about experience

ALPENA — Erin LaBell had never been in a play until she was in the Actor’s Nightmare at Alpena Community College last month.

She enjoyed her experience so much she would join another production if one is offered.

The play was the first performance for the Alpena Community College Players Theatre Group in seven years. The people involved with the production discussed their experience at the board of trustees meeting Dec. 20

Instructor Heather Pines said the play was a test run to see if a theater program would be viable.

Director Kendra McInerney said the one act play was well received and the cast enjoyed their experience. Assistant Director Morgan Suszek agreed.

“I helped Kendra out with the show. On top of assistant directing I helped behind the scenes as well. We’ve worked together in the past. It was fun to get together,” he said.

Jake Lanier said he’s done a few plays the past few years.

“It’s one of the better experiences I had. I was a lot more comfortable with this one,” he said.

He said he learned a lot from everyone involved.

Ashley Cotton has been involved with 10 plays in the past couple of years through other local programs. She said she learned that with new people and being a part of a different program was fun and exciting.

Board President John Briggs said the program seemed popular and asked Pines if the program would be ongoing.

“Yes, they were very excited about it. Right now we’re working on gathering all the data and debriefing. Then as soon we finish that we’ll assess the outcomes and go from there,” Pines said.

Briggs said a regular theater program is something the college has missed and the board appreciates all the work put into the production.

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