PI voters may see recycling issue on ballot

ROGERS CITY — The cost to cover recycling in Presque Isle County may be on the August ballot.

County Treasurer Bridget LaLonde said funds should be moved to cover the cost of recycling.

“The resource recovery was budgeted through the general fund to cover $25,000, to help supplement the $65,559 we received from the millage collection,” she said. “We have spent that and a little more to date. But winter taxes went out in December we will collect it. It’s going to offset that number a little bit but this is the last year for collections for resource recovery. So it’s got be put back on the ballot in August of next year.”

LaLonde discussed the issue at the board of commissioners meeting Friday.

She said there will be time frame the general fund has to cover that gap until it’s placed on the ballot.

To cover this gap in costs LaLonde said there are unrestricted airport funds set aside for grants.

“That wasn’t used. That is money available earmarked for the county airport we can use. I would suggest $10,000, LaLonde said. “If you look at our December going forward we’re probably close to $3,000. I know we’ve gotten some revenue in but not enough to cover that.”

The transfer process would have to include a transfer of money from the unrestricted airport to the general fund.

The board supported this transfer.

Vice Chairman Bob Schell said the county has saved some costs by profit sharing with Emmet County.

“That’s cut the cost of recycling but the transportation cost especially with the smaller dumpsters. We have a lot more requests for additional dumpsters. I think when that millage question comes up probably in the primary in 2018 asking for a requests. It’s a program people are using and agree it’s beneficial,” he said.

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