PI board approves salary; sheriff’s to be set later

ROGERS CITY — The Presque Isle County Board Of Commissioners has started county salary approvals. The board had these discussions during Wednesday’s meeting.

“My point I was going to bring up when I’ve looked at counties, I can assume Crawford and Otsego are the high ones because you have, let’s take the sheriff for instance, there’s a low of $46,000 and a high of $75,000. So the median was $61,000,” Chairman Carl Altman said.

Altman said last year he said at some point, in terms of salary, people can reach a plateau.

“You don’t just keep offering increases,” Altman said.

Commissioner Stephen Lang said when they talked to the treasurer they knew the low and high wage.

“When you run for office you know what you’re going to get,” Lang said.

Lang said when they met with him they came up with the first number.

“It wasn’t as much as others. We felt at the time that was appropriate,” Lang said. “Circumstances could be different today than they were a month ago. I’m not against reducing that in some way.”

Vice Chairman Bob Schell said wages always can be raised but they can’t be cut.

“We cut wages now, we can increase them in the future,” Schell said.

The first motion to approve all salary raises didn’t pass with dissention from Altman, Darga and Lang.

The commissioners made another motion to approve salaries for all elected officials except for the sheriff.

The salaries are county clerk, $45,000; treasurer, $45,000; prosecuting attorney $85,000; register of deeds $40,000, district judge $9,144; surveyor $1,045; drain commissioner $5,200 plus per diem; county road commissioner $3,200 per year each; board of commissioners $2,500 each, plus per diem and mileage, and salary of chairman $3,000 per year, plus per diem and mileage. The per diem rate should be $80 for over four hours, $40 for up to four hours plus mileage.

This motion passed unanimously. The commissioners said they will figure out the sheriff’s salary at the next meeting after discussions with him.

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