Mish Mash Holiday Bash Humor Show today

ALPENA — Join the Alpena Humor Activity Club 8 p.m. Saturday at Thunder Bay Winery for the first Mish Mash Holiday Bash Humor show.

To celebrate the holidays with humor the event will include music, dance, improv and volunteer participation.

“It’s a celebration of a mixture of holidays to create opportunities for unique expressions and increase live humor,” Ric Oglebaum, humor scientist, craft director, event planner, writer, and performer for Humor Activity Club, said. “The other purpose is generally for new ways of practicing humor, fun events, and inspiring more ideas on humor.”

Entertainment will be provided by two star performers, Amy Truth and Oglebaum, and a guest performance by a staff member of the Thunder Bay Winery among volunteer participation.

“They are experienced in performing humor, interpretative dance, improv, and keyboard music from Amy Truth,” he said.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $2 or through will call at the event for $3. Proceeds will go toward performing expenses, supplies and funding future activities. Tickets and info can be found at eventbrite.com/e/mish-mash-holiday-bash-humor-show-tickets.

“I hope to see merriment, laughs, good cheer and new friendships,” Oglebaum said. “And hopefully some very festive laughs and insightful learning.”

Oglebaum said while they encourage freedom of expression through art, they also are considerate of sensitive audiences and suggests a PG-13 rating.

“This event is for lovers of humor, and new performers,” he said. “Most anyone can come, but ideally for persons 16 and over. This show will focus heavily on different humors ways to think about, or celebrate different holidays.”

If the show generates interest, an after-show is under consideration at a separate venue to be determined because of past audience reception.

“It can help accommodate those who are still full of excitement and energy after the show,” he said. “So it can be a gathering of persons with one or more of the performers who are eager to continue the good times.”

The H.A Club began hosting shows in March, including a fun instruction dance show at the Ramada. Oglebaum said he set his sights on performing once a month through winter months, hoping to increase activities for spring and summer.

“The Humor Activity Club focuses on humor and activities, including events to help inspire fun, create smiles and spread humor and positive emotions,” Oglebaum said. “We can help ponder possibilities to be more active in your area, or maybe help your fun journey in life, or around the world.”

There will be an opportunity for audience performances. To confirm a slot to volunteer contact H.A at humor.activity@gmail.com.

Beth Gohs can be reached via email at bgohs@thealpenanews.com or by phone at 358-5693.