Hillman to have walk throughs to examine mill

HILLMAN — Jim Dunn, director of operations at Brush Creek Mill, talked with the Hillman Village Council on Tuesday about the conditions at the mill.

Dunn told the council that he talked with John Burr of the Department of Public Works about having Burr do walk throughs of the mill a couple of times a year.

“We’re going to set a time to get together and I want to ask the council to approve this twice a year of John and I doing a walk through of the mill,” Dunn said. “That would give everybody a sense of the conditions of the building.”

Dunn said building conditions aren’t his favorite thing, so having Burr’s help to look at what is going on, what needs to be done, and who has to take care of certain things will be helpful.

“It would help me to have his expertise at what we are looking at so we can keep the building in shape,” he said.

Village President Myron McIntire suggested Dunn and Burr meet on a Saturday since Burr is busy during the week with work.

Trustee John Fitzgerald said he was in favor with Burr doing a walk-through of the mill.

Dunn also talked with the council about the floors. Dunn said the floors in the main room are losing their coating.

“There’s two ways to go about fixing the floors,” he said. “The expensive route is to sand the floors and then put a finish on it and I don’t see a necessity of doing that because we’re trying to get across an old timely look of the mill.”

Dunn suggested they leave the little blemishes on the floors to show the age and use of the building and he thinks that would be a cheaper way to go.

Fitzgerald said whatever they do with the floors to make sure they are going in the right direction with it, whether it’s cleaning the floors or resurfacing them and said Burr should check the floors when he does a walk through.

“It will take a while to completely lose the boards because they are five quarters thick,” McIntire said. “They actually might be thicker than that because the doors are so wide at the mill.”

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