Alpena County road commission approves 2018 budget

ALPENA — The Alpena County Road Commission unanimously approved its 2018 budget on Thursday.

The road commission approved total revenues and other sources of $6,319,204 and total expenditures of $6,990,027, with net revenues totaling $670,823. The proposed fund balance for 2018 is $3,157,942.

“As usual, we try to stay fairly conservative,” Managing Director Larry Orcutt said. “This year being the first year of the transportation agreement, it was really an unknown of where we were going to end up.”

Under revenues and other sources, the road commission proposed over $4 million in state sources.

For expenditures, the road commission proposed for $1.57 million in primary heavy maintenance/structures, $1.515 million in primary maintenance and $1.2 million local maintenance.

Capital outlay was proposed at $369,200. Capital outlay specifically includes office equipment, road equipment, building and garage, and shop equipment.

There are several road projects that were budgeted under the primary heavy maintenance/structures section in the budget. Those include Nicholson Hill Road (Bushey to Spruce), Nicholson Hill Road guard rail update, Werth Road (US-23 to Piper), Indian Reserve Road, Long Rapids Road, Carr and Posen Road reconstruction, Bloom Road reconstruction, and Hubbard Lake shoulder paving.

Orcutt said 2017 was a good year for the road system.

“We now have additional revenue and each year, we seek out any additional revenue that we can get,” he said.

The road commission is optimistic about the upcoming year’s budget and what is scheduled for maintenance.

“We have been able to schedule several big projects, increase maintenance, and projected maintenance in several areas,” Orcutt said. “Hopefully the road system will reflect that.”

The commission also approved the final budget from this year. Final numbers for 2017 include $6,316,118 for total revenues and other sources, $6,156,820 for total expenditures, with net revenues totaling $159,296 for the year.

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