‘All I want for Christmas is …’

News Photo by Julie Goldberg Students at Besser Elementary are ready for Christmas to be here and to see what presents they are going to get when they wake up Christmas morning.

ALPENA — Christmas is less than 20 days away and children are starting to tell their parents what they want from Santa Claus. Some examples of presents that children usually get for Christmas are remote control cars, dolls, stuffed animals, supplies for arts and crafts, games, etc.

Kindergartners and first-graders at Besser Elementary School have a variety of gifts they want for Christmas. First-grader Keegan Bushey wants a tool set so he can build lots of cool things, like a wooden tower that goes all the way to the ceiling. He also wants a coloring set that has lots of markers in it.

“I want a Lego set because I like Legos and building things,” kindergartner Jacob Romel said. “I also want a Nerf gun because I want to have Nerf wars.”

Kindergartner Brayln Zolnierek has a collection of teddy bears so he wants another teddy bear to keep building his collection.

Zolnierek and first-grader Paige Kaminski both want little dogs for Christmas.

“If I get a dog, I’ll name it Sophia,” Kaminski said.

Kindergartner Brogan Tezak wants his own race track that takes up his whole living room because he likes race cars. He also wants a big tent so he can go hunting with his dad.

First-grader Eden Oles wants a guitar because she likes to sing a lot and wants to be famous. She also wants a blue remote control car.

“I want an L.O.L. surprise doll,” kindergartner Logan Pratt said.

An L.O.L surprise doll is a doll that has seven layers each with different surprises. As each layer is unboxed, a new surprise is unveiled. The surprise doll also can be fed or washed for a water surprise.

The students also have gifts from past Christmas’ that are their favorites.

“I always get remote control cars every year because I like driving them,” Bushey said.

Tezak said his favorite gift is a tractor while Zolnierek’s favorite gift is a teddy bear that he brings everywhere with him.

Romel’s favorite gift is a magic track that glows in the dark. Kaminski and Oles both like getting American Girl dolls for Christmas.

Bushey said he likes receiving gifts because it’s a surprise and he doesn’t know what the present will be. Tezak said he likes giving gifts to people because it shows he cares about them.

The students also said they like making their own gifts or helping their parents pick out gifts to give to other people.

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