Alcona road commission receives two grants

LINCOLN — The Alcona County Road Commission discussED the 2018 budget amendment, which includes two safety grants through the Michigan Department of Transportation to go toward reconstruction of roads in Harrisville and Curtis Townships, on Wednesday.

Due to a large number of traffic accidents between Garrett and Demott roads in Curtis Township, commissioners received a grant from MDOT for $546,750 to work on the roads after the application phase is completed.

“The improvement includes signage, road and curve alignment, road and shoulder widening, guard rail upgrades, sub-base corrections, drainage corrections, and asphalt widening with rumble strips,” Jesse Campbell, road commission managing director, said. “Total project estimated cost approximate $682,000. There are no detours for this project but expect delays.”

The road commission also received a High RiskRural Roads grant through MDOT’s safety program for $196,000 to improve intersections of Walker Road and Poor Farm Road in Harrisville Township.

“Improvements include upgrading sealcoat to asphalt pavement, visibility corrections, intersection alignment, drainage corrections, traffic sign improvements, pavement upgrades with rumble strips and pavement marking,” Campbell said.

The completed project is expected to cost $266,000; delays are to be assumed.

“We are still in the application phase and anticipate construction to be completed by September,” he said. “All plans are submitted and waiting approval and bid letting.”

The 2018 budget revenue is $6.2 million, which includes $105,661.82 in excess revenues. Total expenditures for the 2018 year are budgeted at $6,147,402.94.

“All in all we have a very well-balanced budget for 2018. We are looking at revenues exceeding 2017’s revenues,” Campbell said. “We have a slight increase due to Michigan transportation fund that trickled in some extra money. We have a larger increase for two safety grants that we applied for in 2016.”

The board also discussed the need for new excavating equipment and replacement of old trucks. The road commission currently is comparing costs for new vehicles, budgeted at $1,347,882.43 for 2018 includes all equipment expenses.

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