ACC to have 5 new sculptures

ALPENA — Five new sculptures will be created and placed on the Alpena Community College campus next year.

There will be six sculptures total, with five located on campus, ACC instructor Tim Kuehnlein said. He presented the project to the board of trustees during its meeting Wednesday. The board made a unanimous vote to approve a grant application.

“We’re going to work on a second set of sculptures. The reason I come to you tonight is that we need a board resolution this evening to authorize submission of a grant request with the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs. It’s only a $4,000 but it’s an important $4,000. We’re going to use that to match that with $12,000 given by the Besser Foundation and $7,500 given by the Alpena County Parks and Recreation Commission to make this set of sculptures, six in total, for after fall of next year,” he said.

The project is a continuation of the the two sculptures created for the Alpena bi-path in October.

“We’ve got a good foundation to work on with the two sculptures added to the bi-path this year,” he said.

The theme of the sculptures is history of industry he said.

“What we’re going to try and do is capture the history of industry in Alpena. It’s a very conceptual framework,” he said. “What we’re working toward is playing on the theme of Stonehenge. The idea of ancient history, the mystery behind it, what it takes for a community to assemble and survive. Furthermore, the ingenuity it required to make Stonehenge a reality. It’s something we can play off of especially using stone. It’s made our economy in Michigan survive among other things.”

He said the large scape stones can make a high impact with height and volume without a huge cost.

There will be five stones by the wishing well near Van Lare Hall. Right next to it is a Native American copper processing site a historic monument. He said they want to integrate the whole site into a sort of rendition of the stones with individual artwork applied to the stone canvas.

“There’s a call for artists already. We hope to integrate students and programs of ACC. The first stone will highlight copper processing. The second will highlight fisheries, farming and hunting,” he said.

The third stone will highlight lumber and paper. The fourth will showcase concrete technologies and Besser. The fifth would highlight education and health care. The sixth stone will be placed in Washington Park.

He said Carmeuse Lime and Stone has donated the stone for the project. The Thunder Bay Arts Council and Besser also will be part of the project.

The board expressed its support of the project.

“Well done, this is great,” Vice Chair Thomas Townsend said.

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