ACC chooses Oak City Contracting as project preconstruction manager

ALPENA — Oak City Contracting, LLC has been approved to be the preconstruction manager for the Alpena Community College health sciences student success project.

The ACC Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the motion at its meeting Wednesday.

“Don (MacMaster), Dick (Sunderland) and myself interviewed the key players of these teams. We scored them on their response to the proposal and the interview questions. It was a composite score that considered experience, the team members, references as well as the cost so that we knew we were getting the best value for our selection,” Director of Facilities Management Nick Brege said.

Pre-construction management means Oak City will be responsible to ensure the design fits the budget, Oak City consultant Craig Froggett said.

To narrow the selection to Oak City, Brege said he put together a request for proposals intended to gather information of the team proposed for the project.

“We looked at their experience, their project approach, how would they approach this specific project, who specifically would they be working with,” Brege said.

Oak City has a deadline to deliver the numbers to the State of Michigan and it’s an aggressive schedule, Froggett said.

“We’ll work with Nick and faculty and staff to get through the preconstruction with Cornerstone. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us,” he said.

ACC President Don MacMaster said the college now has preliminary drawings from Cornerstone. The cost of the project is estimated to be $6.7 million. Half of the cost will be paid for by money from the state capital outlay bill. The college is responsible for a $3.35 million match.

The renovations focus on Van Lare Hall. They may include updates to the east wing of the hall, new lab space for the nursing program with simulated hospital rooms, exterior updates, heating and ventilation overhaul and the possible addition of an air conditioning system.

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