Village officials outline need for storm sewer maintenance plan

LINCOLN — Officials with the Village of Lincoln have highlighted the need for continued maintenance of village storm drains.

Village President Phil Jordan discussed the need Monday during a village council meeting. He said as the village’s Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater grant is depleted the village will have to foot the bill for future storm sewer cleaning and maintenance.

Several years ago the village was awarded the more than $300,000 grant to do maintenance, inspections and map the system for future upgrades and continued maintenance.

“In the beginning they went through and cleaned all the septic tanks out and cleaned the lines. Lately they just finished doing the storm drains,” Jordan said. “There are storm drains in this village that I am not sure anyone knew about for a number of years.”

Jordan said the locations were added to an overall map of the system and the village actually has 110 storm drains. He said that in the future it would cost the village an estimated $100 to clean each storm drain. Since the cleaning had taken place he said it really has helped with drainage issues in the village and they should be maintained regularly in the future. He said the cost of that yearly would be around $100,000 to do the entire village.

“Some of these have never been cleaned out, and a few of them have never been on the blueprints,” he said.

Councilwoman Amanda Zielinski asked whether the village should be paying to have this done every year. Jordan said that it should be done regularly.

“Most of them should be done once a year to be safe. I’m sure we can adjust that, but for the first year I would like to do them all. I asked if we can use major street funds to clean the streets out, and we can,” he said.

Jordan said the grant went toward paying for cleaning this year but for future years the cost would be on the village.

He said the the cleaning could be done on a rotating basis with half the drains done one year and the second half the following year. Jordan also said that different funding could be drawn out of different street funds to pay for that cost. He said ultimately the lack of maintenance is what caused drainage and flooding issues for some residents.

“It’s exactly why we had the problem,” he said. “There are a lot of things that we’ve never done and it’s just another thing with the storm drains, we have just never had a maintenance plan for them,” he said.

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