Village council amends budget, updated on tax payments

News Photo by Jason Ogden Left to right, members of the Lincoln Village Council, President Phil Jordan, Treasurer Holly Hussain, Trustee Amanda Zielinski and Trustee Pat Somers discuss the village budget during a Monday meeting.

LINCOLN — The Lincoln Village Council outlined needed budget amendments and was briefed on tax collection activity by the village treasurer for the winter tax collection.

During a Monday meeting Treasurer Holly Hussain said the winter tax collection has been a good one so far for the village.

She told the council that the village has collected $125,000 in taxes.

“We’re still looking at $16,000 more to collect, whatever we don’t get in February we’ll settle with the county treasurer,” she said.

Hussain referenced the Alcona County revolving tax fund, which provides funding to townships, cities and other tax collection entities to make the organization’s tax collection “whole” during the season. The obligation to collect unpaid taxes then goes to the county.

“We’ll always have all our taxes whether it is paid by the individuals or the county treasurer,” Hussain said.

Much of the village’s total tax collection will be paid to the village’s Downtown Development Authority.

Hussain said of the $141,000 that is due to the city for collection, the village is obligated to fund the DDA $60,000.

The topic changed to that of the current year budget. Hussain said there were a few adjustments that needed to take place for the current year, including some unanticipated costs because of weather conditions.

“As far as our budget we’re sitting good but there are a few things that we’re moving over,” she said.

Hussain said some funding needed to be moved from an account into the city’s utilities account. She said this included moving $2,000 from the village’s street light fund to the utilities fund. Hussain said there was more than $12,000 in the street light fund that had not been touched for a long time and utilities needed to be paid.

She said there also was funding that needed to be moved into the lawn mowing budget to the tune of $2,100.

Village President Phil Jordan said the crew mowed more grass than in many years.

“This was the most unusual year for lawn mowing. We mowed every single week, which is almost unheard of,” he said.

Jordan said the mowing could not have been left over and said there could even be another mow conducted, although he said crews would wait until next year.

Hussain said there were other smaller budget adjustments that needed to take place. One major one was from the village “raised fund” for $10,700 to the major streets fund.

The village raised fund, which was relatively untouched for many years, is being used for other street projects in the community, as well as a sidewalk refurbishment project.

Hussain said another $19,500 will be pulled from the fund, with $10,000 going toward the sidewalk project.

After discussion the budget adjustments were approved unanimously. Hussain said the village did not go over budget but simply needed funding moved into different areas.

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