Roots the cause of RC sewer problems

ROGERS CITY — Tree roots seem to be the source of problems within city sanitary systems. The sewer cleaners of Monchilov Excavating discussed their findings at the City of Rogers City Council meeting Tuesday.

“You guys have a lot of heavy cleaning in your sanitary, more than what you had in light cleaning. The major malfunctions in your guys’ sanitary sewer is tree roots,” Travis Monchilov said.

If the roots there are five to 10 years old the city should treat them as dead, instead of cutting them every year, he said.

“I found a handful of pipes that need to be replaced, not immediately but periodically. Your main focus should be killing these roots. If you don’t kill them they’ll just come back. All we’ve done is give them a haircut,” he said.

The treatment to kill the roots includes a foam that is shot from a vac truck into the cracks and the joints. This will kill the roots which break into the taps, he said.

He said a lot of taps are affected by the roots.

“I don’t know how a lot of houses are working,” he said.

City Manager Joe Hefele said the city has been in constant contact with the crew to know what’s happened.

“You’ve got video footage of every inch of sanitary in town,” Hefele said.

Monchilov told council members they may stop by the work sites any time to see the progress and what they have to do.

“We have enough money in the (Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater) Grant to do every inch of old pipe in town. The brand new PVC stuff you put in five years ago we’re not messing with,”Hefele said.

For the work crews started at Sixth Street and have worked toward the lake, Hefele said.

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