Road commission to move forward with building fix

LINCOLN — The Alcona County Road Commission voted unanimously to allow an engineer to move forward with designs and bids for an awning project to fix a flaw with the recently build facility.

Other proposed projects, like a new truck washing facility and parking lot modifications, have been put on hold. The matter was discussed during a Thursday meeting.

Several years ago a new facility was built after the road commission’s operations building was destroyed by fire in 2013. A design flaw in the awning of the roof section has caused damage to the building, according to Managing Director Jesse Campbell.

To correct the issue, as well as to possibly include new features to the building, Campbell has been working with Russo Engineering of Tawas to come up with designs to work on the projects. The projects would be paid for with millage money earmarked for building improvements.

Thursday Campbell asked trustees for direction on where to move forward with the projects. He said for the new awning it was an estimated $20,000. The new wash facility could be as much as $250,000 and the parking lot improvement could cost $80,000. Trustees, however, have balked at what they thought was a high price for the wash facility project.

Campbell said the awning would work to change the pitch of the roof and allow moisture to fall off the building’s roof further away from the building essentially working to stop leaks in the building.

Chairman Alfred Scully said he thought the design was poor to begin with. Vice Chairman Harry Harvey, who is also Alcona County’s building inspector, said there was not much that could be done now except retrofit the building with a new awning in the problem areas.

“We should have caught the two-foot overhang, that is our fault or we would have not gone through this,” he said. “It was our fault really when it came to our part. We know we do need to do something to fix it.”

Scully said he was unsure if a contractor could get to the project this year if the engineering firm did come with finished plans and bidders, though he agreed the project did need to be completed.

Campbell asked on what direction trustees would like to move on the other millage projects.

“The only thing we need to move forward on right now is that awning,” said Harvey.

After discussion Harvey cast a motion to have Russo Engineering finish design work and seek bids for the awning project, which was unanimously approved. He told Campbell he thought the wash facility should be put on hold indefinitely.

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