Officials pleased with surcharge results

ATLANTA — Montmorency County voters approved a 911 surcharg, 677-520 Tuesday and county officials are pleased with the results.

“I am happy that the surcharge increase passed,” 911 Director/Administrative Assistant Donna Baranyai said. “It makes me really proud to live in a community that supports public safety.”

Baranyai told the Montmorency County Board of Commissioners during its meeting Wednesday that she is going to contact the state office on the results. She then will bring the language to the board for approval at the next board meeting on Nov. 22.

The next step will be the board setting the new surcharge rate. The board will have until May to set the rate. Baranyai said she likely would request the commissioners go the full $3, saying the county could look into upgrading equipment.

“I would like to thank Donna because she put a lot of hard work in with a lot of networking with the townships and going to meetings,” Sheriff Chad Brown said. “It was a team effort and a community effort. I thank for the board for their support.”

There are 7,867 voters in Montmorency County and there were 1,201 voter cards for the election, showing a voter turnout of 15.27 percent.

“We had a low turnout,” Baranyai said. “However, the people that went out and voted were supportive so we are really thrilled.”

Brown said the surcharge passing is a success for the county, the residents and those who visit Montmorency County.

“Those who are visiting might end up finding the need to utilize the 911 system so it’s a public service,” he said. “It was a necessity and we are very excited about it.”

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Montmorency County 911 surcharge

Yes No

Albert Twp., Precinct 1 223 155

Avery Twp., Precinct 1 25 37

Briley Twp., Precinct 1 148 105

Hillman Twp., Precinct 1 131 92

Loud Twp., Precinct 1 21 19

Montmorency Twp., Precinct 1 14 35

Montmorency Twp., Precinct 2 32 19

Rust Twp., Precinct 1 27 10

Vienna Twp., Precinct 1 56 48

Total 677 520