Montmorency board sets tentative budget for public viewing

News Photo by Julie Goldberg The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners discussed the county budget for 2018 during a meet Wednesday. The budget will be voted on at the Dec. 27 board meeting.

ATLANTA — The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners discussed the 2018 budget with Budget Director April Williamson and set a tentative budget during a meeting Wednesday.

The board approved the Michigan State University Extension budget of $55,327 for 2018. Commissioner Don Edwards suggested to the board funding only this upcoming year and then propose a millage and let the public vote if they want to continue funding MSU Extension. The vote passed with a unanimous vote.

The data processing budget was set at $145,650 by the board, the 911 service fund at $30,000, the medical examiner at $10,000, and the elections budget at $13,655.

The total amount for public safety expenditures is $1,578,442.

The budget for building and grounds was set at $142,536 while the budget for the animal shelter was set at $3,900. The commissioners also set the budget for the veterans program at $11,807.

The total amount for total government expenditures is $1,767,738. That total is the sheriff and correction departments’ budgets combined.

The budget for social services was eliminated by the board with a unanimous vote.

The budget had to be completed this week in order for the county to avoid a fine. It should be available to view online early next week.

“The entire budget will be online for two weeks for the public to view,” Chairman Daryl Peterson said. “At the Dec. 27 meeting, we will vote on the budget.”

At the Dec. 27 board meeting, there will be a public hearing before the vote. The public can come and talk to the commissioners about the budget after viewing it online.

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