Library asks for letter of support in purchase of Grambau Center

ROGERS CITY — The Rogers City Area School Board will make a decision this month on whether to sign a letter of support for concept for the library to purchase the Grambau Center.

During the meeting Presque Isle County Library Director, Amber Clement and Library Board Chair Beach Hall presented to the board.

“What we’re trying to do is get enough support to get a grant to have a study made,” Hall said.

The community has recognized the center as precious to the community, there should be a way to make it useful, Hall said.

Clement said they have started to form a group which will help to spearhead fundraising efforts. She said they think the costs of this project will be covered by fundraisers, grants and possibly a millage.

“The community responded that it would be a community use building. Utilize it for it’s different functions,” Clement said.

The board asked about the response they receive from a survey and what their response to a millage would be. Clement noted they had 236 respondents and 86 percent said they would support a millage.

Currently the school system owns the building. Superintendent Dave O’Bryant said the building itself is in OK shape.

“The main structural portion is sound. Some of the interior, plaster needs work. As long as we continue to monitor the drains and keep them free of ice we should be good,” he said.

Hall said they don’t know exactly what is needed to bring the building up to code.

“Whatever happens it won’t happen immediately. We’ve got to have the funds in place. We’ve got the remodeling cost and need to know what to do with heating system and air conditioning,” Hall said.

The board said they will make a decision about the letter at the workshop later this month at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 27.

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