Hunters to show off bucks at buck pole

ALPENA — Hunters in Alpena will have an opportunity to show off their bucks on opening day and hunters and non-hunters will be able to admire them thanks to Dr. David Dargis.

For the seventh consecutive year Dargis will be hosting a buck pole for the hunters, but also a party to celebrate hunting season.

Dargis said he teamed up with Thunder Bay River Restaurant to set up the buck pole, as well as use the business’ conference room. He said the pole will be set up only on Tuesday, but there will be a lot of activity then.

“We will have hot chocolate, S’mores, hot dogs and a fire,” he said. “If the weather cooperates we will have couches and chairs where people can sit, be comfortable and visit just like at camp. It will be a lot of fun.”

Dargis said the first 50 people who bring their bucks will get $10 gift certificates to the restaurant and the top 15 bucks will share $1,500. He said there also will be prizes for the best buck, best teen buck, best buck shot by a woman and coolest buck.

Dargis said for many years there wasn’t a buck pole in Alpena and he thought that was a shame. He said that needed to change so he recruited some help to bring the tradition back. Since he did that, Dargis said the people have supported it.

“It has been very positive and been received well,” he said. “It gives people of all ages, whether they hunt or not, a chance to come down and see the deer and just have a good time and enjoy some company. There is more to it than just the deer.”

Dargis also is going to have help from local Boy Scouts who will be at the buck pole to help hunters unload and hang their deer. He said without the help and support of many people the event would be difficult to pull off himself.

“The people who step up to help, offer prizes and support is fantastic,” Dargis said. “Without all of the help it would be pretty challenging to do.”

It doesn’t take long for the deer to arrive and be put on display. Dargis said some of the deer arrive shortly after daybreak and continue to flow in as the day goes on. He said people can stop by throughout the day to see how the pole fills.

“This is a community event and we want to see the people come out and enjoy it,” Dargis said. “Hunting is a strong tradition here and this is one way to celebrate it.”

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