Hillman to shorten airport runway

News Photo by Julie Goldberg The Hillman Village Council met on Tuesday and discussed the airport and an agreement with Presque Isle Electric & Gas.

HILLMAN — The Hillman Village Council discussed on Tuesday the Hillman Airport and figured out a temporary solution to some problems that have been occurring.

“We are not having any luck with the property owners that own the property at neither of the strip, which is the main runway,” Village President Myron McIntire said. “Rather than have a long drawn out court battle, we are just going to shorten the length of the runway to eliminate those problems.”

The airport is located north of Hillman on County Road 459.

“We are doing this temporary solution to make the headaches short right now,” McIntire said. “If something happens later, we will deal with it then, but right now we are not getting any cooperation from the landlords.”

The state is requiring the village to do something because it is under a temporary license right now. In order to get its full license back, the village needs to correct the current problems.

The council also discussed the Presque Isle Electric & Gas agreement regarding gas rates.

“We passed the agreement,” McIntire said. “We are going back to home rule, but we have clauses to protect ourselves this time.”

McIntire said if the council doesn’t like the price that PIE&G presents, then the council can go back and to talk to PIE&G about it.

“The agreement has the right to have a cool-off period of 30 days where we can discuss it with them,” he said. “If we can’t come up with an agreement then it insures that both parties have to figure out a temporary decision.”

The transfer fees already are set for the gas and McIntire said that if people don’t pay that, they don’t get their gas because it wouldn’t be transferred. That is under the price of gas by itself.

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