Happy adoption day

2 local families adopt family members

News Photo by Jordan Spence Jennifer Greka adopted her nephew Chase Tuesday in Alpena on Michigan Adoption Day.

ALPENA — Tuesday was a happy day for two local families, as the adoption process was completed for two children and they officially became members of their families.

Judge Thomas LaCross, who presided over the adoptions on Michigan Adoption Day, noted the unique nature of adoption.

“Over the years you think about what adoption is. Compared to natural birth many times those are out of love and choice, but not always. Adoption is 100 percent of the time is chosen, it’s always out of love. That is a marvelous thing,” LaCross said.

Jennifer Greka adopted her nephew Chase, and Amy and Dallas Minton adopted their granddaughter Sadie.

“Taking care of her is the single greatest thing of my life. I’m looking forward to our life with her and the memories we’ll make,” Dallas said.

Sadie is two years old and has been with her grandparents, aunt Jade and uncle Tristan for about a year and a half.

Dallas said it wasn’t always easy because family is involved, but they’re a strong family and it’s the best decision for Sadie.

“It’s an emotional day for me because my grandparents raised me. I’m happy to do the same for her,” he said.

Amy said it’s been fun to have a little toddler in their home again.

“I was used to my teenagers. They’re old enough to fend for themselves most of the time,” she said.

Sadie is quite the active toddler. She likes to climb on everything and pull the pots and pans out of the kitchen cupboards to play with, Amy said.

Jade said she’s excited because she’s never had a sister. Tristan said since Sadie has moved in with them it keeps him busy.

“You should see Sadie’s face when he gets off the bus from school,” Amy said.

The adoption of Chase also was a long wait for Jennifer and her daughters Lilith and Rose.

When he first arrived in their home Rose and Lilith said he was quiet and shy, which isn’t the case anymore.

“The kids all act like they’re siblings. They love to hate each other,” Jennifer said.

Chase said it’s been fun to live with them and he’s now used to sisters. He said Jennifer is a good cook and he loves it when she makes meatloaf and bacon.

“It’s been a long two years waiting for this. It’s a relief, he’s permanently staying with us. It’s long and slow (the wait to adopt). You never really know how it’s going to work out. At any point it could fall through. You’re always worried that something could happen. He’s permanently stuck with us now,” Jennifer said.

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