Eagling makes career change to EMT, loves it

News Photo by Steve Schulwitz Long Rapids Township Volunteer EMT and Tri-Township Ambulance employee Emily Eagling organizes the back of an ambulance during some down-time. She said being an EMT and a volunteer has helped her find a new career and help people who are going through a distressing time.

ALPENA — Being trained as an EMT can often lead to other exciting opportunities.

That is exactly what happened to Emily Eagling after she was recruited by Long Rapids Township to join the volunteer fire department and became an EMT.

Eagling, who worked as a pharmacy technician and in a doctors office for many years, said she was at a board meeting where the fire chief at the time, Neil MacArthur, told the trustees that volunteers from Wellington Township would be accepted in Long Rapids. She said it peaked her interest and soon afterward she took the needed classes and became certified. That decision, Eagling said, changed her life and led to a new career and a job at Tri-Township Ambulance.

She said she enjoys volunteering for Long Rapids Township and lending a hand to people who need it.

“I love helping people, whether it is for something good or traumatic,” she said. “It makes me feel like I’m giving back to the community. It is an amazing department and we are all like family and work very well as a unit.”

Eagling is married to husband Pat for 30 years and has three daughters and a pair of son-in-laws and a granddaughter, she said.

“I love being a mom and a grandma,” she said. “That is a real treasure.”

When she is not at work for Tri-Township she said she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as working on the family farm with the horses. She has been a member of 4-H for more than 30 years and enjoys the outdoors and animals.

Eagling said she also enjoys working in the kitchen, especially when the holidays get close.

“I’m a baker. I love to cook and bake,” she said.

Eagling said helping people is something she is passionate about and several years ago, she had an opportunity through work to go to New York and help with the rescue efforts after Hurricane Sandy struck. She said most of the time she was right near the coast of New York City and participated in some large rescue operations, such as helping to evacuate hospitals and nursing homes.

“I was an EMT for less than a year and at first it was very scary and intimidating,” she said. “It was very rewarding though.”

Eagling said retirement from her job isn’t on her mind yet, but when the time comes she is certain she will remain involved with the volunteer department in Long Rapids Township. She said the opportunity it gave her will never be forgotten.

“I think I will always be there and be involved in ESM, as long as they’ll keep me,” she said. “I really truly will.”

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