Construction begins at Rogers City ambulance garage

News Photo by Jordan Spence Presque Isle Planning Commission meet to discuss construction at ambulance garage.

ROGERS CITY — Construction has started on the addition to the ambulance garage.

Rogers City Council member Scott McLennan discussed the addition at the regular board meeting Tuesday.

“They started to put in the footings. They’re working on the addition to the ambulance garage. So that’s being done. That’s done to provide additional sleeping quarters in that building because of the need to have on-call staff. A lot of the folks who are working here currently are from out of town. So it provides them a place to stay,” he said.

The garage is located at 500 W. Park Drive in Rogers City.

The Planning Commission met Thursday to approve revised site plans for the building.

Fire Board member Randy Smolinski was there to discuss the needed changes. The site needed to be updated in order to fit in with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

“There’s something on the website where you can put in the site elevation and structure height it tells you whether you exceed the criteria. Also what I did is I printed out the copy to provide the GPS coordinates. We’re well below their requirements. It starts to exceed the criteria when it exceeds 26 feet. The residential portion of the building 13.5 feet the building for the apparatus is 22 feet,” he said.

The commission approved the site plan with a unanimous vote.

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