Caledonia Township resident voices concern to board about road name

HARRISVILLE — A Caledonia Township resident voiced her concerns to the Alcona County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday about a road name change request that was declined by the Alcona County Road Commission.

Karen Karbowski told the board that she could not see the rationale behind the declined request to change the name of Frutchey Ranch Road which spans across Caledonia and Mitchell townships, but does not connect at the site of Little Wolf Creek.

She told the board the road has caused issues with delivery services like UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

“If you look at a map it looks like it’s one road, but it’s not,” she said.

Karbowski said most GPS maps tell people to come to their house from an entrance off M-65 in the western part of the county, but Karbowski said that section does not connect to her side of the road.

“We are getting more deliveries from UPS and FedEx and for some reason their GPS say you can get to our house from M-65,” she said.

Karbowski said she thinks the road should be renamed to Kelly Switch after an old railroad switch that has a historical marker in the area and she brought this to the road commission for consideration.

“They were very open and nice and said that is a great idea, and this could be easy. This was back in March, so I don’t know what’s happened since then, but I just got a letter saying the request has been denied,” she said.

In a recent road commission meeting, the board voted against the name change. One reason was the name change would have to be modified if a bridge would be put back in the location. It also stated that Alcona County 911 knows of the issue and how to dispatch first responders to the roadway.

Karbowski told the board she knew it was not its job to change the names of roads, but was concerned and frustrated.

Chairman Craig Johnston said although it was not his board’s job to change roads he could understand the frustration she had and she should contact the road commission to further discuss the issue with them.

He said he would follow up with members of the road commission to see if she was talked to about the issue.

Commissioner Carolyn Brummund said there are other areas in the county with road name issues.

“Other townships have similar situations where a road stops and continues into other areas, not that it makes yours any easier or the situation better, but you’re not alone in your awareness of that, and maybe fixing the bridge is the best resolve, I don’t know what it would take for that,” she said.

Commissioner Adam Brege said he could not understand why the change was not granted.

“Building a bridge would be way harder than changing the name, however,” he said.

The board told Karbowski they would follow up with the road commission on the issue.

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