Alpena loses big in Bay Athletic Club’s Thinner Winner

ALPENA — The Alpena community lost 1,393 pounds and 1,444 inches during a five week fitness competition led by Bay Athletic Club where people ate better, exercised more and supported each other in teams.

The ninth annual Thinner Winner competition inspired hundreds of people to sign up, creating more than 40 teams that worked together to overhaul their nutrition and fitness habits. At the Friday night finale the results were shared and the winning teams revealed.

Team Old Friends, New Dimensions, made up of JP Ritter, Vickie Ritter, Erin Smith and Eric Smith, won $1,000 for losing the greatest percentage of inches and weight.

Twinkie Twinkie Little Star team consisted of Phil Cooper, Eve Van Eck, Josh Obeada and Sam Shambeau took second place, receiving a $200 Bay Athletic Club gift card.

The Bay Athletic Club team looks forward to Thinner Winner season each year because it’s a great way to reach out into the community and share the BAC mission of creating a healthier, happier and stronger community. This competition inspires people to make permanent lifestyle changes, in turn, positively affecting those around them.