Alpena Buck Pole winners announced

The winners from the Alpena Buck Pole have been announced. The event was hosted by Dr. David Dargis, as well as Thunder Bay River Restaurant on opening day. Prizes were awarded to the 15 largest deer, as well as coolest buck, best teen buck and best buck shot by a lady.

Alpena Buck Pole Winners

1st. Branden Gibson, 8 pt.

2nd. Adam Zolnierek, 9 pt.

3rd. Brad McNeil, 9 pt.

4th. Jim Suszek, 10 pt.

5th. Mike Meyers, 10 pt.

6th. Tom Helinski 8pt.

7th. Kyle Purvis, 10 pt.

8th. Cody Rensberry, 9 pt.

9th. Dave Rensberry, 9 pt.

10th. Jon Bundy, 8 pt.

11th. Roger Barc, 8 pt.

12th. John McMillan 7 pt.

13th. Mike Sheldon, 8 pt.

14th. Mike Meyers 8 pt.

15th. Mike Sobek, 8 pt.

Coolest Buck- Ethan Smith

Teen Buck- Cody Smith

Lady’s Buck- Sheri Corbin