AHS student receives World Changer Award

ALPENA — Alpena High School senior Rose Jasman received the World Changer Award at the Youth Volunteer Corps 2017 Summit in Kansas City two weeks ago after completing over 1,500 volunteer hours throughout the past seven years.

“I received the World Changer Award and it’s awarded to people who get over 1,000 with the YVC,” Jasman said. “I passed that by getting over 1,500 hours and the hours are from the entire time that I have been in YVC.”

Jasman joined YVC because of her two sisters, who were members of the program already.

“I wasn’t old enough because you have to be between ages 11 and 18, so they were a part of it and I got left at home with my mom,” she said. “I always wanted to go with them and be with the big kids because they look cool. I started it when I turned 11 and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Jasman has participated in many different projects since becoming a YVC member. She has helped out at the Huron Humane Society by walking the dogs and making dog toys or treats.

“I’ve gone to different retirement homes around Alpena and have played games with the elderly or talk with them,” she said. “I’ve also done weeding at the different senior citizen centers, too.”

During the summer, Jasman and others have helped out at the Optimist Fishing Day where they fill the fountain with trout and help with children. Starting last year, Jasman and others have read to Lincoln Elementary School students. Last year was her first year helping with Girls on the Run.

“It’s been a bunch of different things,” she said.

Jasman has received other awards during her time in YVC: the Ethic of Service Award for completing 500 volunteer hours and three 100 awards, which is completed 100 volunteer hours in one year.

After receiving the Ethic of Service Award, Jasman made it her goal to hit 1,000 hours.

“We went to the YVC Summit in Ann Arbor in 2015 and they gave out 1,000 hours award,” she said. “I had just gotten the service award and I was like ‘I want to get that’ because there have been only less than 10 people at that point that have gotten it and I wanted to be one of those people. I’m very proud of the progress that I’ve made since then.”

Jasman knew she was going to get the World Changer Award when she hit the 1,000 hours.

“I’ve been keeping a close eye on my hours because I really wanted to hit that before I graduated and it was my goal to hit it,” she said. “Once I hit it, I wanted to keep going until I reached 1,500 hours.”

One project that stands out for her is being a part of the Cleaning Up Alpena projects where she and others helped cleaned up the city. She said she has noticed over the years that there has been a decrease in the trash that has to be picked up.

To get people to volunteer, Jasman said she would explain to people what YVC is and what the program’s mission is, which is to get youth involved in the community.

“I would bring up some of my favorite projects like the humane society, talking with the elderly and working with kids,” she said. “Those are three different things and if you don’t like one, you will like the other two. We volunteer three times a month and it’s great because you pick what days you want to volunteer. It’s not a huge commitment like some people think.”

A huge supporter of the YVC in Alpena has been the Boys and Girls Club. All YVCs are partnered with through an independent agency, a Boys and Girls Club, or a YMCA.

“The Boys and Girls Club being there has been such a nice support for me and for the organization and it’s a relief that there’s a place here in Alpena that wants the youth to be involved,” Jasman said.

After high school, Jasman will be completing a year of school at Alpena Community College before transferring to Wayne State University

“I’ve heard that there are volunteer programs to help kids so I will probably volunteer while I’m in college,” she said. “It’s not something you can get out of the habit of.”

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