ACC board sells property at Wilson, Johnson

ALPENA — Property sold by Alpena Community College will be used to build an assisted living and memory care facility after the ACC Board of Trustees approved the sale of the property for $500,000 during a special meeting Tuesday.

The property is located on the corner of Wilson and Johnson Streets and is now used as a parking lot.

The company to purchase the property is Macaulay Alpena Properties, LLC.

Board Treasurer Joe Gentry said the college posted an ad to sell the property in July. The owner of the proposed sites, Melissa Hinkson, also owns other assisted living facilities across Michigan.

“I have seen their work in (Sault Ste. Marie), Marquette and Negaunee. They’re well kept and thriving. I think it will be a great new addition to Alpena. I think it will connect well with the nursing program with hiring and clinic hours,” ACC President Don MacMaster said.

A consultant for the company, Craig Froggett, said the current budget is $5.3 million.

“They are closer to hiring 45 employees to start and will have 46 rooms. We have a meeting next Tuesday with the design team. She’s been trying to come to Alpena for two years,” he said.

After the board approved the sale there was another part to the resolution about where the money should be moved to.

The resolution called for the proceeds from the sale to be placed in a new and separate interest-bearing account. There are stipulations that require the funds be used only for infrastructure only and no funds can be used without approval by the board. It also stated the Besser Foundation requires ACC to make a formal request to use the sale proceeds for capital improvement purposes.

MacMaster said since the college is in the cash accumulation phase for the Van Lare Hall project the money from the sale will be used for that purpose.

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