Renovations of Van Lare Hall possible

News Photo by Jordan Spence Van Lare Hall is one building on the Alpena Community College campus to possibly be renovated in the future.

ALPENA — A discussion to possibly renovate another building on the Alpena Community College campus has begun.

This possible new renovation was discussed at the regular Board of Trustees meeting, Wednesday.

President Don MacMaster said on an annual basis the college is required to submit a five-year capital outlay master plan. This master plan is what will make the college eligible for a 50 percent match from the State of Michigan for improvements to campus he said.

The project recommended by ACC said in a statement, “Provide updated technology, a center for STEM inquiry and innovation, student collaboration space, and updated interior and exterior renovations that will allow NRC to continue to be a hub for science, education, talent acquisition, and a regional prosperity in Northeast Michigan for decades to come; and to provide a base to expand ACC’s statewide leadership drone education and training.”

The college began talks to remodel the oldest building on campus and Van Lare Hall as well.

“The deferred maintenance for the budget cycle is for this building. The rest of it is in Van Lare Hall. It would make sense to remodel both if we get state dollars to cover half of it. So we can move through this,” MacMaster said.

Board President John Briggs said he is happy to have the plan submitted.

“It’s always important to always stay in the feeding line of opportunity,” Briggs said.

The board approved the master plan to be submitted to the state budget office, the deadline is Oct. 31

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