PI commissioners honor late register of deeds

New Photo by Jordan Spence Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners Chairman Carl Altman presents Deputy Register Vicky Kowalewsky and Chief Deputy Register Danielle Kuznicki with a plaque in honor of Register of Deeds Kathy Karsten who died earlier in October.

ROGERS CITY — Deep feelings of gratitude and sorrow were expressed during the Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners meeting for county employee Kathy Karsten.

Board Chairman Carl Altman remembered Karsten who died Oct. 12.

“It’s a very somber moment. Kathy was well known in the county and did so much,” Altman said.

Commissioner Michael Darga said Karsten will be greatly missed.

“Her efforts and getting people together in this courthouse is going to be greatly missed. I know not just her office, not just the county board of commissioners, but the county as a whole will miss her deeply,” Darga said.

Vice Chairman Bob Schell thanked Deputy Register Vicky Kowalewsky and Chief Deputy Register Danielle Kuznicki for the extra work they took on during this time. The board voted unanimously to expand the hours for the other members of the office to full-time during the transition period.

After the board presented the plaque it moved into the regular meeting.

County Treasurer Bridget LaLonde gave an update on financials of the Maple Drive Bridge. While the bridge is located on a foreclosed property it is owned by the county. Due to heavy snows it has needed some repairs.

“We’ve been holding meetings here, discussions with our attorneys, discussions with R.S. Scott and Associates as well as community meetings we’ve put in place. I have a breakdown for you,” LaLonde said.

She said title searches in the amount of $250, signs in the amount of $232.45, attorney fees in the amount of $3,378, R.S. Scott was $5,523.59. She said the total for everything was $9,578.80.

“That money will be paid out of the foreclosure fund because it’s a foreclosed property. I’ve been in contact with some of the property owners who kind of spearheading this. So there has been ongoing conversations between myself, Mr. White and some of the residents there on transferring that property to them so they have more ownership. To make decisions among themselves,” LaLonde said.

Commissioner Stephen Lang asked if there would be any repayment of the money to the county.

LaLonde said they hadn’t gotten to that part yet.

“Listening to you and others about the program. The splits that were made earlier were not quite kosher,” Lang said.

LaLonde said everyone has an opinion and she spoke to the assessors involved and they believed their initial decision was validated.

“You can look at it a lot of different ways. I don’t know what will happen. I feel like if we can get it back to that group of people, everyone would be better off,” she said.

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