Lennox ready to ‘move on, be closer to family’

News Photo by Julie Goldberg Edith Lennox surrounded by friends at her retirement party at Brush Creek Mill on Wednesday.

HILLMAN — After spending the past 12 years working at Brush Creek Mill on the Board of Directors and 10 years as the Coordinator, Edith Lennox decided that it is time to retire and continue on elsewhere. Friends came to Brush Creek Mill on Wednesday to celebrate her time working for the mill.

“I originally came into the mill to help with a craft show because I had done art fairs and craft shows for many years,” Lennox said. “They needed some help because there weren’t a lot of people here at the time.”

Lennox said that she became interested in what the mill was doing and found herself on the board.

“They called me one day and said ‘we voted you in on the board’, so I have been on the board ever since,” she said.

The mill started out very small and Lennox said that over the years, the building has grown a lot.

“We have the most wonderful volunteers in the whole world,” Lennox said. “They are the best people ever.”

Lennox added that what she is going to miss the most is the friends that she made, the people that come in everyday, and how they welcomed her into the town.

“I was a stranger when I came here because I had no connection to Hillman,” she said. “I moved to Hillman to play golf and after my husband passed away, that’s when I got involved with the mill. It’s been a blessing for me all these years.”

The reason Lennox is moving is to be closer to her family. She has a daughter that lives in Gaylord and a son that lives east of Traverse City, so she’s moving to be closer to them.

“There comes a time when you, even though you hate to admit it, that you’re getting older,” she said. “It’s hard to admit sometimes that age is catching up to you and that it’s time to move on and be closer to family.”

The mill has grown from about a dozen volunteers to over 50 that come in and help with an event. Some people come for one event, while some come in every week to help.

Jim Dunn is set to take over for Lennox as the new coordinator after learning a lot so far from her.

“Edith is the reason that I volunteered for the first time at the mill,” Dunn said. “Meeting someone that is dynamically enthusiastic about what she does is incredible.”

Dunn added that being at the mill is about giving to the community and what they can do to make Hillman a better town.

“There is a lot more growth that we can do here,” he said. “I want us to continue what we’re doing, but a lot more.”

Dunn added that Lennox gave him a good solid base to work from and he said that his job is to continue to make the mill prosper and increase the value of it to the community.

“We have come a very long way and have become important to the community,” Lennox said. “I hope that the people here in this community will continue to support Brush Creek Mill because this place means a great deal to me.”

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