Amazing kids show off variety of talents

ALPENA — The Alpena High School Talent Show took place on Thursday where students brought their musical talents to the stage in front of their peers and the community.

The Masquers Club helped put the event together. There was a matinee show during the school day where students had the opportunity to watch their peers perform. At night, members of the community were able to come to the high school and watch the students perform.

“We had about 18 groups perform,” teacher Andrea Linton said. “Last year, we had about 18 or 19 groups so we are usually in the 18 to 20 range of how many groups perform.”

“My favorite part is the rush after you finish,” senior Miriam Denstaedt said. “Everyone is supportive when we perform and we are able to do something that we all love.”

“It was very impressive,” AHS Principal Thomas Berriman said of the performances. “There is a lot of talent at the high school and this gave our students a platform to show it off.”

News Photos by Diane Speer Alpena High School student Ludovica Brambilia sings “Rising Sun” at Thursday’s Talent Show held annually to benefit the Masquers Club. She took first place during the competition.

Students were able to go to the auditorium during their fifth hour on Thursday and watch peers perform.

“Seeing the students support us is a great feeling,” senior Natalie Goff said. “They were cheering loud after every performance.”

The Masquers Club meets every two weeks and completes different workshops.

“Seeing the individual talent is incredible,” senior Olivia Martin said. “It’s really fun to watch everyone perform and see everyone having fun.”

Some of the performances were solos, along with duets and groups up to four people. There was a guitar solo and one piano solo.

“I’m very proud of our students who took the initiative to sign up for this event,” Berriman said. “It takes a lot of character to stand up in front of your peers and members of the public like they did.”

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1st Place: Ludovica Brambilla with her performance of “Risinig Sun”

2nd Place: Kurmanbek Dzhenaliev with his piano performance of “The Turkish March”

3rd Place: Natalie Goff with her performance of “Think of Me”

4th Place: Josh Kozlowski and Sydney Dodson wtih their performance of “Sort It Out”

Student Sam Brooks performs “Ride” as part of the show that featured 18 different acts. The students performed Thursday afternoon for their classmates, then gave a public performance Thursday evening.