Alcona drug court to receive grant from state court

HARRISVILLE — The Alcona County Drug Court is set to receive more than $70,000 through a state court grant for operations, as well as an extension on another grant through March of 2018.

Alcona County Court Administrator Alysa Pichler discussed the grants and other topics in Alcona County’s court system during a Wednesday meeting of the Alcona County Board of Commissioners.

Pichler said the agency received a state drug court grant for $70,000 to keep the court system running.

“The state court is really happy with our drug court,” she said. “They came out last year to do an onsite study and they were really happy with it.”

Pichler said the court, which received a Bureau of Justice grant for drug court to the tune of $200,000 was extended into 2018.

“We were very frugal when spending that, we got $200,000 but we had $60,000 to $70,000 that we did not spend,” she said. “But we were given six months so we cannot stretch it out until March of next year.”

After discussing the new grant extension Pichler asked the board to sign an agreement with the state for the grant funding, and the board took action to approve it.

Pichler went on to discuss other aspects of the court system, including the county’s childcare fund.

“We have the childcare fund budget was submitted to state, so we ‘re waiting for an approved budget for the state, I’m anticipating it as it was presented but they are moving slowly and I can’t do anything about it, I have not forgotten about it,” she told the board.

Pichler said there were a few changes in the budget for this year.

“We adjusted the salary for our afterhours surveillance officer in the budget and that increased the budget by about $900 dollars,” she said.

Pichler said there would be pay adjustments for state probate judges as well.

“This was something that happened some time ago, the state Supreme Court increased the probate judge salaries,” Pichler said.

According to Pichler the increase will have probate judge salaries at $145,557.

Finally Pichler said the court system is continuing the process of transforming the court system into a trial court system.

“We are still plugging away at everything we’re doing with our reorganization,” she said. “We’re still doing training and we’re working on collections more and more.”

Pichler said one part of the changes includes cross training many different court positions in different positions so everyone who works for the court knows all aspects.

“We’re trying to cycle court reporters in the court room, and we’re trying to follow that trial court vision,” she said.

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