The heat is on

Record breaking temps in September

News Photo by Steve Schulwitz A group of kids enjoy their day off from school by playing in Lake Huron at Starlite Beach. A recent heat wave has made the beach a popular place, when normally the swimming season is over in the area.

ALPENA — For the last 10 days weather in Alpena has felt more like those in July than late September.

A warming trend, which began in the middle of the month, culminated with three high temperature records being set in Alpena this past weekend and there will be at least two more days of the unseasonable heat.

According to National Weather Service meterologist Mike Kurz, all three days saw temperatures in the 90s and broke several records in place since the 1920s and 1930s.

The high temperature Friday was 92 degrees, which eclipsed the mark of 87 degrees established in 1920 and again in 1941.

Things warmed up even more Saturday when the high was 93 degrees, which set a new high replacing the previous record of 89 degrees in 1937.

The late season heat continued Sunday when it reached 91 degrees, breaking a record from September 2007 when it reached 89 degrees.

The warm-up began on Sept. 15 when the high temperature was 83 degrees. The next two days also were in the 80s before some more normal weather arrived. That changed again on Thursday when the recent heat surge began with temperatures climbing to 86 degrees.

Kurz said the warm weather this month is due to a change in a weather pattern that provided cooler and wetter weather this summer in Northeast Michigan.

“We had a weather pattern over the country that favored warmer and drier weather out west,” he said. “That has reversed and now we are getting the heat and humidity in the Great Lakes region.”

Kurz said there was a chance a fourth consecutive high temperature could be beat Monday when the forecast called for temperatures to climb to 84 degrees. The record is 85 degrees.

“Alpena will get close, but I think it may be a little cooler along the lakeshore, so it might fall short. It might get broke more inland though,” he said.

Through Sunday the average high temperature is more than five-degrees above average and the average temperature is 3.3 degrees above the norm. A week of rain in the beginning of the month and nearly an inch of rain on Sept. 17 has precipitation slightly above average by less than 2/100th of an inch.

A record low temperature record also was matched on Sept. 1, as temperatures fell to 36 degrees late in the afternoon. The record originally was set in 1936.

Kurz said after Tuesday temperatures are expected to be more fall-like. He said upper 50s to mid 60s can be expected as high termpertures and things will cool off significantly overnight.

“You may not see it in Alpena, but a little further inland there could be some frost,” Kurz said. “There could also be some showers Friday.

Kurz said there could be an early October warm-up in store for Alpena if the current forecast holds. He said temperatures could climb back into the lower 70s on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

“That’s a ways off yet, but the models show we could see some more mild temperatures visit the area,” he said.

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Date Temp Past Record Year

Record Low (Tie)

Sept. 1 36 36 1936

Record High

Sept. 22 92 87 1920/1941

Sept. 23 93 89 1937

Sept 25 91 89 2007